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Fill in your username and password then click the button to login to Jobcentre Online. Only registered users can login so if you need to register first, click the Register button.

Problems logging in

If you are having problems logging in, make sure you are entering your correct email address and password. If you are still having problems logging in, contact us at

Why should I register

Registering with JobCentreOnline will enable you to save your most frequently performed searches. You will also be able to save jobs so that you can recall them at a later date.
Registering will also allow you to complete and store your CV or to complete the JobCentre application form. This will enable you to apply online for jobs by submitting your CV or Application Form directly to certain employers.

I am currently unemployed

If you tick the 'I am currently unemployed' box you will have to complete your National Insurance Number. If you apply for job online, this information will be forwarded to your JobCentre and may help satisfy the conditions of your Job Seekers Agreement.

Your location

To enable the site to provide information on users location, please select a region. If you select a region in Northern Ireland, you will be provided with a list of JobCentres in the region you selected. Please select a JobCentre that you live close to.