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How to find jobs quickly

The first page that appears when you enter the site displays a list of job categories.  Click on the category that you are interested in.

This will take you to a second level.  By clicking on one of the sub categories on the left (under Quick Search) you will see a list of vacancies (in all areas).  You may also narrow your search on the right (under Refine Search).

These results are sorted by date, so the most recent vacancies are at the top of the list.  You may sort the information (alphabetically) by title, by employer or by location.

Click on the title of a job to get more details.  You may use the next / previous buttons to step through the jobs, or you may return to the list by clicking on the 'Return to List' button.

If there are too many jobs, you may refine your search (see below).

How to narrow your search

On the second (sub-level) page, you should notice the column on the right titled 'Refine Search'.  You can enter information here that will help you find the right job.

Starting at the top, you will notice some check boxes.  These indicate which categories you wish to search through (you may select one, many or all).

Search Text:  This allows you to search though the Job titles, descriptions of the jobs and other information held about the job.

Location:  Searches through the location field of the vacancy, e.g. Lisburn may return jobs on 'Lisburn road, Belfast' as well as jobs in Lisburn. However, if you type in a location (other than Belfast), you should leave the JobCentre choice at 'all jobcentres'.

Jobs & Benefits Office / JobCentre:  This will allow you to return jobs that are owned by and circulated to that particular Jobs & Benefits Office / JobCentre.

Wage Bands:  The drop down menu enables you to search for jobs within particular wage bands.  The wage band allocated to a job is based on the salary payable to applicants aged 25+.  The vacancy salary details will give you more detailed information.

Work Pattern:  You may select if you only want to see jobs that are full time, part time or casual.

Permanent / Temporary
:  You may select if you only want to see jobs of either type.

Bridge to Employment
:  You may select Bridge to Employment Training Programme opportunities.

Once you have what you need, click 'List Jobs' to see if any match your search criteria.

For further help and advice on the facilities available on JobcentreOnline, please see the guide below.
Guide to Using JobCentreOnline

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